Lug 2018

IGI annuncia un nuovo Laboratorio e una nuova Scuola di Gemmologia a Bengaluru

(IDEX Online) – The International Gemological Institute (IGI) will open its 13th branch in Bengaluru which will evaluate diamond jewelry as well as providing educational services in gemology.
The Bengaluru branch complements IGI’s established laboratories in Thrissur, Chennai and Hyderabad. The state-of-the-art laboratory will evaluate and certify jewelry to the same international standard that all of IGI’s worldwide locations adhere to, the lab said.

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Giu 2017

Il D'Show IGI raggiunge nuovi standard per il National Buyer Seller Meets

International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute, hosted their 7thedition of the National Buyer-Seller Knowledge Meet which got together India’s finest jewellery craftsmen and valued jewellers under one roof – at the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, Panaji. The event has enabled over 2000 meetings between participating manufacturers and buyers in a span of 4 days!

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Giu 2017

IGI lancia due nuove Associazioni

NAPOLI (12 Giugno 12, 2017) – L'International Gemological Institute (IGI) lancia la nuova associazione IGI Alumni Italy questo fine settimana, durante un workshop riguardante gli aggiornamento di impatto tecnico e commerciale sull'industria del gioiello, con particolare attenzione sull'impatto dei diamanti sintetici nel mercato.

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Mar 2017

La certificazione International Gemological Institute Certification assicura l'Autenticità e aggiunge una consistente fiducia agli acquisti di gioielli

Buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in someone’s lifetime. It’s a choice everybody wants to get right the first time, especially because it’s not cheap. The average price of engagement rings hovers around $4,000-$8,000, which is more than mere pocket change to everyday Americans. Before doling out a monthly paycheck, it’s crucial and federally mandated that consumers know what they’re buying.

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Mag 2016

IGI Hong Kong certifica quattro pietre da record prodotte in laboratorio

Marc Brauner, co-CEO IGI Worldwide, confirmed that the rapid technological advances being realized by New Diamond Technology (NDT) in the realm of growing diamond in a laboratory are phenomenal in all respects: size, clarity and color. These four stones are cases in point, as for the most part, they break boundaries of any stones submitted to IGI by NDT in the past.

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Set 2014

Il D-Show IGI parte a Bangalore

The International Gemological Institute announced today its fourth IGI D-Show, held in Bengaluru’s Taj Westend, September 1 to 3. A unique buyer-seller knowledge event, the workshop is designed to facilitate better relations between retailers and diamond jewelry manufacturers.

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Mag 2014

IGI certifica il pendente Magnum® Ice Cream

In conjunction with the grand opening of the Magnum Pleasure Store in Antwerp’s World Diamond Center, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) certified and laser-inscribed a noteworthy jewel for the occasion – one highlighted within a gold pendant designed to emulate a Magnum ice cream bar.

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Ott 2013

Marc Brauner parla dei temi relativi al mercato dei diamatni sintetici

In his second consecutive year speaking at the Rapaport International Diamond Conference, Marc Brauner, the co-CEO of the International Gemological Institute (IGI) Worldwide addressed the most pressing issue: synthetic diamonds and their diffusion into the market. Brauner provided an overview of how man-made diamonds have evolved as well as the types of synthetic diamonds his laboratory has seen over the past year. He also provided some tips on how to identify man-made stones.

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Mag 2013

Marc Brauner interviene sul tema della certificazione dei gioielli e sulle immagini

Marc Brauner, Co-CEO of IGI Worldwide gave a presentation at the International Colored Gem Association (ICA) Conference 2013, speaking on the topics of jewelry certification and imaging. Brauner covered two different areas: the difficulty of certifying mounted stones and the challenges this gives. He also explained the importance of high quality gemstone images in advertising, giving many examples of mainstream gem advertising where the actual gemstone is very poorly represented.

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Ago 2011

gli studenti IGI brillanoIIJW 2011

International Gemological Institute is pleased to offer its students an industry-led platform to showcase their jewellery designs at the India International Jewellery Week 2011 (IIJW). The IIJW is an initiative to showcase India's finest jewellery designs, innovation, craftsmanship, technology and quality to customers around the globe.

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Mar 2011

IGI e CEEC inaugureranno la Scuola di Gemmologia del Congo

“The establishment of a school of gemology is of paramount importance as it will provide the Congo diamond industry the necessary experts, professional support and instruction in order to contribute to improving the accuracy of the country's collection of mineral revenues", stated IGI CEO Roland Lorié.

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Feb 2011

Un laboratorio di gemmologia per far brillare Dubai

"It is very important to be here," said Roland Lorie, the chief executive of the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world's largest diamond and gemstone certifier. "Dubai can go one step forward from being a jewellery seller, in the souqs, Gold Land, and all the shops . It can become the [trade] capital for the entire Middle East," he said at the official opening of the 465 square metre, US$3 million (Dh11m) DMCC facility.

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Dic 2010

IGI ospita il corso inaugurale sulla Classificazione del Diamante in Grecia

The six-day IGI Polished Diamond Grading Course was held November 14-19 in the center of Athens, at the Electra Palace Hotel, close to area jewelers and diamond dealers. Led by Jean-Mathieu Mangnay, IGI worldwide head of education, the course provided Athenian trade professionals with advanced knowledge of international grading standards.

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Nov 2010

IGI certifica una penna incastonata di diamanti

IGI certified a pen studded with thousands of diamonds that ultimately sold for 2.3 million rupees, or, over half a million U.S. dollars. The pen comprised of white gold and approximately 2,500 natural diamonds in colorless and fancy yellow, all graded and certified by IGI.

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Lug 2010

IGI annuncia il 'Sales Development Program'

The program focuses on product knowledge involving topics like identification of imitations and synthetics, types of jewelry, and branding and market trends. The course also sheds light on selling skills and management aspects.

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Apr 2010

IGI al Jewelry Shanghai 2010

Speaking on the event, Marc Brauner, IGI's Hong Kong-based CEO, said growth will remain the overarching theme of China's jewelry consumer market for years to come. "I am sure many Chinese jewelers share our view on the benefits of investing in customer trust to win the lion's share of that growth," he said. "Only China is growing on this massive scale..."

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IGI certifica il più piccolo Diamante al mondo

Bhavani Gems created a record of manufacturing the world’s smallest certified cut and polished diamond with 57 facets weighing just 0.0003 carat. On the occasion, Mr. Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director — IGI India said “Surat is always known for cutting and polishing smaller stones...It speaks of volumes of the technological superiority of the industry here.”

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Nov 2009

IGI porta il suo Know-How al China's Jewellery Sector

International Gemological Institute (IGI) today held a seminar called "Your Clients of the Future and the Internet...Are You Ready?" at the annual China International Jewellery Fair 2009. Said IGI chief executive Marc Brauner, "The way consumers are shopping is changing. Young people use the internet for every aspect of their lives, and these are your future clients." Mr Brauner said traditional stores must now devise online strategies to match and surpass those deployed by web-based retail rivals.

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